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returning a leased car

Here are a couple of things you should be aware of before returning your leased car back to the dealers.


There are plenty of ways to blow your engine, but with a bit of elbow grease, you can fix it yourself.

As the battery discharges, it’s cells become coated with lead sulphate in a reversible chemical reaction.

Welcome to MechanicReport

As a car enthusiast with a mechanical background, I pride myself in helping people get better automotive services. My experience in the mechanical field has made me genuinely in love with cars and gain even more information about them.

My main aim as a car enthusiast is to be a part of the innovative pipeline, be involved with different people, share my knowledge and also think like a business man. The best way to avoid any auto rip offs is to always be prepared. How can you do this?

By having the right information on how your vehicle works and identifying the common car problems from the start.It is also as important to know how you can choose a good mechanic both online and offline. While choosing the perfect mechanic is important, you need to know the right kind of questions to ask and what your rights are.

About Us

Hi, there guys, my name is Steven Reilly, and I run this little blog; MechanicReport. I created this blog to be the best automotive resource on the internet for car owners who aren’t shy about getting their hands dirty to fix their favorite 4-wheeled machines.

After working as a diagnostic technician for close to two decades, I dare say I have seen it all and created this blog to educate my readers and perhaps help them save a pretty penny.

There are so many automotive blogs on the internet, but most of them rehash the same old information without providing any value to their readers. We hope to change that by providing the most accurate up-to-date information on the latest automotive products, tools, and other upgrades.

All of the information you find on our blog comes from certified car diagnostics experts with years of on the job experience with a variety of vehicles from BMW to VWs to muscle cars etc. So sit back, relax and have a beer, it’s not rocket science. Using the information on our blog, a bit of elbow grease and perseverance you’ll be able to fix up and find the best products to upgrade your car with.

OBD Scanners

Vehicles are computers on four wheels and come with a standardized system; an OBD2 system, which is used for self diagnostics. Its software regulates and monitors the main functions of your vehicle and helps both technician and car owners understand their cars betters.

There are two types of OBD2 scanners; code readers and scan tools. Code readers are inexpensive but they do not gather all types of information while scan tools read manufacturer specific codes and give you troubleshooting options.

Audio Systems


Most car manufacturers fit their vehicles with basic audio systems which leave much to be desired. Fortunately, they let you upgrade your car’s sound system, but there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best soundbox for your vehicle.

In this section, we go in detail and cover everything you need to know to achieve that superior sound and deep thumping bass in your vehicle. If you’ve got no idea which is better between a component and coaxial speaker or can’t decide between a single or double din head unit, then start by clicking the link below.

Automotive News

If you’re on our blog then you’re a motor vehicle enthusiast and so are we. We love everything car-related; from the latest technological innovations such as the Autopilot system in Tesla’s Model S to adaptive cruise control and much more.

This section is dedicated to the latest news in the automotive industry, especially consumer vehicles. Find out how close Tesla is to making their Model B pickup truck a reality, and if Aston Martin’s newest SUV—the DBX, live up to the hype by clicking the link below.


When it comes to giving your vehicle its much-needed upgrade, you’ve got plenty of options. A modern car lets you upgrade everything from your engine to your audio system to your tires.

But with it comes choice paralysis from the variety of products and brands to choose from. So to help you out, we’ve reviewed some best tools, brands and products to supercharge your car upgrades. From the best polishes for white cars to supertech oil to best multimeters and much more, check out our reviews.


A car is a made up of a variety of components which come together to give you the power and control to get to your destination safely. Typically, they work together like a well-oiled machine to provide you with the torque to conquer any terrain.

However, being a mechanical piece of machinery, it’s prone to the wear and tear of everyday use which compromises its performance. In this section, we go into detail into some of the most mechanical hiccups you could expect; from clutch bleeding symptoms to weird noises to poor cornering, etc.