Autel MS908P vs. Launch X431 Pro

Both Autel and Launch have a variety of scanners under their belt. Among these are the Pro tools with advanced tools suited for Pros and technicians. We are going to discuss a popular Pro tool from each of these makers and how they compare to each other. Additionally, we will discuss some of the advanced features and their relevance to professional use.  Take a look at Autel MS908P vs Launch X431 Pro for more.

Autel MS908P vs. Launch X431 Pro – A general comparison

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Launch X431 Pro
Display 9.7  inch screen with a 1024X768P resolution 8 inch IPS touch screen with 1200X800 resolution
Vehicle coverage 80+  Vehicle brands Up to 93 Vehicle brands
Best Feature Extraordinarily powerful processor makes this device extremely fast Powerful special test functions, exceptionally fast live data and graphing
Internal capacity 32GB 16GB expandable to 32 GB
Battery 11000mAH-3.7V battery 4,290mAh
Size 65.02 x 19.05 x 42.93 cm 235 X 165 X 30mm
Operating system and CPU Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich OS and

Cortex-A9 quad-core processor

Android 5.1 – 6.0 OS and

ARM Coretex-A7 quad-core , 1.3GHZ processors


Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P

You might find this tool under the name MS908P or even MS908SP. This android operated tool is especially popular with users looking to perform specialized automotive diagnosis or ECU programming. Take a look at some of the specifications that make this advanced functioning possible. First off, the display is a 9.7 inch screen with a 1024X768P resolution with IPS technology that will ensure you can clearly view any data on the screen.

Coupled with a Cortex-A9 quad-core processor, this scanner is not only fast, but also allows multitasking. In addition to displaying live data in all sorts, the software on this device configures the display options, records and even plays back results with one touch.

The easy to navigate and intuitive system makes operating the scanner fast and simple. With a  vehicle coverage of over 80 vehicle brands this tool ensures that mechanics and technicians dealing with vehicle brands from all over, no matter the make model or year can do so comfortably.

In summary, the Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P is a super fast scanner that not only performs its scanning duties properly, it does so looking great.

Notable features

  • A highly performing internal 32GB Solid State drive is both fast and reliable for storing all your data files
  • The extraordinarily powerful processor makes this device extremely fast with boot up times of 20 seconds. That’s almost 5 times faster than other tools available on the marker.
  • The Auto VIN technology provides quick vehicle ID
  • This tool has the 11000Mah-3.7V battery that promises longer runtimes

What we like

  • Presents data in graphs and easy to interpret texts making result analysis easy
  • You can access the online community via the Maxi-Fix platform for discussions and input on your diagnoses. Additionally, the data logging feature allows you to connect to the technical team for support.
  • Large and clear display ensures nothing will get past you
  • A VCI connects you to the main unit for a 230m working range

What we don’t like

  • With all the advanced features, you might find this tool somewhat complicated especially if you are a beginner. Only pros and tech who understand the complex operation procedures can utilize this tool to the fullest.
  • Purchasing this tool for personal use might be overkill considering how pricey it is.

Who is it for?

As the title and degree of complexity in the features suggest, this tool is tailored to cater to scanning needs of professionals and technicians.

Launch X431 V PRO

Also known as the ETX431PRO, the Launch X 431 Professional Automotive diagnostic scanner is a device targeted for professional use. It is a drop tested scan tool tablet that is Android based. The Launch X431 boasts a high resolution on an 8 inch IPS touch screen, 1200X800 to be specific. Equipped with the manufacturer’s latest technology, this is one of the fastest functioning tools produced by Launch Tech.

This model shares software with the previous Launch Pro line scan tools, and incorporates powerful special test functions, vast vehicle coverage, fast live data and graphing in addition to with module coding as some of its perks.  The wide range coverage allows users to diagnose electronic control systems of vehicle models of up to 93 car brands and 10000 car models.

With a set of separate adapters, including 14 different connectors and diagnostic standards for cars from different makers, you can not only use this device on OBD 2 but also OBD 1 vehicles from different manufactures.  Expect a powerful Class1 Bluetooth 4.0 connector; you can experience a full system diagnosis on a wireless device.

In summary, the Launch X431 Pro is a bidirectional tool well equipped to handle simple and complex automobile issues that may influence performance.

Notable Features

  • Full systems diagnostics tool which as the name suggests, help perform entire system diagnoses.
  • Bidirectional control and actuation tests tools that requests information in a module to perform specified functions or test. With these two features, it is easy to determine if a subsystem or component on your vehicle is functioning properly.
  • Multiple resets service which include Oil Reset, TPMS Resets SAS, EPB, BMS, ETS, among many more. With this tool, you can effectively access and reset partial parameters status after you finish working on the vehicle.
  • Launch next generation software for OE level access to different types of vehicles for module coding, relearns, resets , bidirectional capabilities and other applications.

What we like

  • Comes in a hard plastic case and 4,290 mAh lithium-ion long life battery
  • Complete set of OBD 1 adapters
  • Allows remote diagnostics and use with third party apps
  • High resolution camera with still and video abilities and much more

What we don’t like

  • Users might find it heavy considering it weighs lightly over 10lbs
  • While the tool is equipped with a good battery, you cannot check the battery health or crank voltage

Who is it for?

While this scanner carries advanced features that would work great for professional use, it is priced moderately for even DIYers and small shop owners to use. Small garages or mechanic shops might find this especially convenient. With this tool, you will experience high quality scanning at a significantly lower price.

Bidirectional control on scanners

As the name suggests, bidirectional functionality involves a back and forth between you and the vehicle system. The Launch X431 for example allows the user to read and program new codes onto the vehicle.

Connectivity and processing speeds on pro-tools

Apart from the functional features on pro tools, pro diagnostic devices need fast processing speeds. These tools come with powerful processors and Operating systems that can handle operations without fail. The Autel MS908P for example comes with an Open source Android Operating System for multitasking and faster boot ups.

Many professionals and mechanics working in busy environments need devices that can keep up with the high demand tasks without fail.

In addition to high speed operations, professionals rely on high connectivity devices to help ease their work. Connection to Bluetooth and the internet is a basic requirement for many pro diagnostic scanners.  On top these, both these tools come with high connectivity capacity that allows the user to store data, share it, and print it and more.

What you need to know about ECU programming

ECU programming is an important feature for professional diagnostic scanners.  The ECU Electronic Control Unit is basically the brains in your vehicle. The ECU comes with pre programmed instructions and programmable chips. These programs use the input sensor information to generate the need output and thus control various engine functions.

Programming your ECU basically involves placing a ROM file into your car’s engine management ECU.  When programming a car, you need to select the vehicle model then apple a standard ROM file for it.

TIP: Don’t confuse ECU programming with ECU coding. While programming involves loading system or application specific operation instructions into a specific control module, coding involves grouping these instructions. When performing ECU doing, system specific operating data is grouped together and the given a label. Some of the operating requirements include Emissions control, fuel types, transmissions and O2 sensors.

Comparing the to the Autel Maxisys Pro MK908P to the Launch X431 PRO

Both these devices are large display tools with high resolution and fast operating systems and processors. They incorporate advanced technologies and features that give them the complexity they posses.

While the technologies and some of the features differ, both these devices share the some capabilities and are considered monster scanners in their own right, there are some nuance differences in their manufacturing that make each of these tools differ.

Processor types and Operating system

As we explained the types of processors and operating system will influence the processing speeds, boot up times and multitasking capabilities on pro tools.  The MS908 for example is equipped with Cortex-A9 quad-core processor and android operating system, making it a powerful device suitable for a high demand environment.

Likewise, theX431 is android powered with a powerful processor. Evidently, both these tools are designed with high operational speeds and can manage a lot at once.

Set up, compatibility and connectivity

Both these tools might seem difficult to use considering all the advanced features but they are actually quite easy to set up. They integrate the appealing tablet design and user friendly interface into a highly functional tool making them good choices for pros. Additionally, Autel and Launch support teams are available on their respective devices to assist you when in need. In terms of compatibility, these scanners have a wider coverage. Autel MS908P boasts a coverage of 80+while the Launch X431 allows use on up to 93 vehicle brands.

Earlier, we explained why connectivity is important to a pro. Bothe these devices are well suited for wireless function and data management. Additionally, they have internal storage capacities large enough to properly hold your data.

Tips for finding a good professional scanner

Before you purchase a new scanner for your shop or for professional use, there are a number of considerations to make. We may have mentioned some of them indirectly throughout the article, but here is a quick checklist for anyone looking to purchase a new pro diagnostic tool.

Functionality and features

Obviously the first thing you will look at when buying a pro diagnostic tool is how well it is equipped and how functional the features are. Choosing the right features is important because it will influence how well you can utilize the device to serve your needs.


Hardware design is an important part of choosing a good pro tool. The device should have a hardy, protected exterior with an ergonomic design and elaborately modeled interior. Also under design, don’t forget to check the OS and processors on each of your choices. These will influence many aspects of the tools functioning including operation speeds, boot-up times and multitasking.

Price, reviews and ratings

Pro tools aren’t very cheap. Before you commit to one, you must consider how well it has served other professionals and how well it is rated. Go through customers complaints and reviews for your choices before you settle on the one for you.

Final word

Whether you choose the Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P or the Launch X431 Pro for your professional needs, you can expect both tools to feature a certain complexity that you don’t get with regular tools. Each of these devices has their pros and cons.

The Launch X431 pro for example is a fast working device made with next generation software and features for maximum functionality. The Autel 908P on the other had is equipped with high end processors and tools that make any and all scanning needs convenient yet reliable.

The choice between either of them should be made depending on your needs and requirements as a professional.

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