Autel vs. Launch – Finding the best Scanner for Beginner, DIYer or Professional

With all the diagnostic scanners in the market, having a difficult time choosing one particular brand is a common problem. Both Autel and Launch provide a variety of scanners ranging in features, complexity and much more. We are going to discuss the differences between these brands and compare some of their more popular models for beginner, DIYer and Professional. Read on for more on Autel vs. Launch.

Autel vs. Launch – comparing the two brands





Across the pricing spectrum from LOW-EXPENSIVE Low, medium and high


Wide product variation Sizable variety


Good Good
Beginner tools


Autel Autolink al319 Launch X431 Mini
DIY tools


Autel Autolink AL619 Launch CRP123
Professional tools


Autel Maxisys Elite Launch X431 +
Best TPMS tool


Autel TS408 TPMS Relearn Tool TSAP-1 Launch TPMS tool
Budget tools


Autel Maxisys  MS906


Autel is well known for their professional diagnostic devices, equipment and other automobile accessories. Founded in 2004, they’re an established multibrand company that has earned their name in diagnostic tool manufacture.

Autel strives to create top quality devices that are not only innovative but also easy to use with a good price –quality ratio. To achieve this, they continuously change and expand with the market. A whopping 10% of all yearly turn over goes to research and development of newer and more advanced technologies

Because of all the devices Autel has to offers, choosing just three was a difficult task even for us. Take a look at our top Autel choices for Beginners, DIYers, and professionals. We included bonus options for mechanics running on a budget.

Autolink AL619 – Best Autel for DIYers

Simple yet efficient is the ideal phrase to describe the Autolink AL619. It features ABS/SRS system diagnostics, a color display, trouble shooter code tips and built in speakers. This internet updatable multilingual device maintains a perfect balance between functionality and power.  The Autel al619 will work on OBD2 and CAN enabled vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards. On top of that, this device is available at a reasonable cost, making it even more suitable for car enthusiasts who cannot afford to go all out on expensive pro options.

Autel Autolink al319 – Best Autel for beginner

When we say beginner, we mean anyone from DIYers or mechanics that just started working with scanning tools. If we had to pick two terms to describe the Autel Autolink al319 we would chose easy to use and reliable. Like the Autolink AL619, this model works on OBD2 and CAN vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards. However, the device itself is a unique model. This tool is the best option for beginners because it features an all-in-one functionality that accommodates all sorts of users.

Autel Maxisys Elite – Best Autel for Professionals

This is the newest addition to the Maxisys series, a collection of Autel’s most well equipped , advanced scanners. It is a smart diagnostics tool that is characterized by high speed performance and comprehensive diagnostics and serving. The tool boasts an excellent super sensitive captive display screen with a bunch of sophisticated and powerful application. The exceptional functionality on this model is ideal for professionals everywhere.

Autel Maxisys MS906 – Best Autel for mechanics on a budget

The MS906 Maxisys was our best budget device because it delivers extensive coverage with excellent diagnostics at a reasonable price. You might be on a tight budget but a quality device is necessary for every workshop trying to deliver quality service. This model integrates all the great features of tools in the Maxisys series but at a more reasonable price point. You can expect all the perks of their series including fast operation speeds, exceptional functionalities and more for cheaper prices.

What we like about Autel

  • Autel has built a strong reputation for itself in the diagnostics tool market
  • They have one of the largest selection for tools compared to other makers
  • Most of their tools incorporate unique ergonomic designs for the convenience of the user


Launch Tech are an innovative organization who pride themselves in developing genuine products. Originally founded as Launch Tech Co Ltd in 1992, they have risen up the ranks as a global competitor in the production of cutting edge automotive devices.

Launch X431 Mini Best Launch for beginner

Don’t let the compact design on this scanner fool you. It may be smaller compared to other but it is a powerful scanner with elaborate navigation that allows the user to access all the functions easily. This easy to use friendly interface makes the LAUNCH X431 Mini a great tool for all beginners.

Launch CRP123- Best launch for DIYers

While marketed as a professional code reader, the Launch CRP123 is a great compact tool for DIYers. It features an easy to use interface suitable for all users but incorporates powerful diagnostic features that might deter the beginner from scanning tools. You can not only rely on this device for effective data analysis but also presentation. Elaborate graphs, records and  replay data  are among the many ways this tool allows the user to manipulate the data.

Launch X431 V+- Best Launch for Professionals

This is basically the professional version of the LAUNCH X431 model. It is also known as the LAUNCH X431 Pro. It is a heavy duty scanner designed with elaborated capabilities like full system scanning and diagnoses, key programming and a bunch of other advanced features. The device is enabled with high configuration software that allows high operating speeds. You can rely on this tool to share data and allow interaction with other users for insight on your work and other issues.

What we like about Launch

  • Launch also have a great reputation in manufacture of diagnostic and scanning tools
  • Their selection is large and accommodates all types of users


This collection wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t reserve a place for TPMS devices. These tools are also considered diagnostic devices, although they are not as complex as OBD scanners. Here is our top Autel TPMS tool against our top Launch TPMS tool.

Autel TS408 TPMS Relearn Tool – Best basic TPMS device

Our top pick from the many  TPMS autel devices goes to the TS408. This is the middle ground for all autel TPMS devices. It is a new generation model that is designed with all basic level TPMS functions. Additionally, the TS408 incorporates other features and functions from newer generation TPMS tools making it great regardless of the type of user you are.

TSAP-1 Launch TPMS tool – Best basic TPMS device

This activation and sensor programming tool by launch is characterized by commendable functionality and flexibility. It is a multilingual intuitive device that promises great TPMS diagnostics. The TSAP-1 is designed to work hand in hand with OBD scan tools without fail. You can depend on this model for many if not all you DIY or pro diagnostic needs.

Tips for choosing a diagnostics tool

Before you settle on one diagnostic device, there are many things you must consider. Keep in mind; tools are designed with different features, capabilities and with an intended user in mind. Even in the comparison we have made above, diagnostic tools aren’t a one size fits all kind of tool. Here is a guide to purchasing a good diagnostic scanner that will suit your requirements.

Why do you need it?

The most influential factor when choosing a diagnostics device is the intended primary function. Once you answer why you need this tool, then you can go through the other factors quite easily. If you are a car enthusiast or DIYer, then you probably need a tool that caters to your type of car or a middle tier tool that will get the job done without overcomplicating the features. Professionals, technicians, mechanics or anyone planning to utilize this device in a more intensive capacity will have separate needs from say a beginner who wants to get the jest of using a diagnostics device.


Most guides don’t usually place this factor so early in the lists but pricing is a whole other story when it comes to diagnostic devices. These tools could range from cheap, affordable to extremely high prices depending on the technologies used to develop them and functional abilities.

Like we said, go into this purchase with a primary goal in mind. This way, you can select the best priced option that will fully satisfy your needs without breaking the bank.

Brand, Ratings and reviews

After you establish what you want, next you will have to determine which brand you like best. Above, you will find Autel and Launch’s most efficient tools for all types of users. The list doesn’t end there. Both these brands have a considerable number of products equipped with all sorts of features. Before you settle on a brand or model, you should go through the ratings and reviews for that particular product and the entire brand in general. Be on the lookout for any red flags that may deter you from purchasing that tool.

TIP: Apart from ratings and reviews, it is always beneficial to peruse through recommendations. Do other users with similar needs or in similar situations recommend this tool or is there a better option you may have missed earlier on?

Features and functionality

Next, you will need to affirm that the choices you made in step one, when determining what you want, do indeed posses these capabilities and features that will serve you fully. Going through the specifications, accessories and product information page should inform you of anything you need to know about the devices operation power.

TIP: When combing through the features on a tool, don’t get carried away by the newest or best feature. Start off with how well the device performs basic scanning and diagnostics and work your way up from there. Consider the additional features as bonuses that should supplement instead or replace basic functionality.

Support and customer service

While this is a rare factor on many guides, diagnostic devices and scanners can be a slippery slope. You may experience difficulty operating your device or need insight on a diagnosis issue. Good customer service and support wil come in handy when you find yourself is such a position. It may not play a big role in influencing the choice of scanner but it is an important consideration none the less.

Honorable mentions

Yes, there are many other considerations that go into purchasing a good tool. Reliability, quality of make and diagnosis type are among those factors we just couldn’t leave out. Including the ones described above, these considerations should help steer you to the best possible diagnostics device to suit your needs.

What to look for in a beginner’s tool

Beginner tools must possess great basic features. Other than that, the next  focus has to be the ease of use and intuition of the interface. These tools need well developed basic scanning tool functionalities and easy to use interface. Good beginner tools should help the user get into working with diagnostic devices without trouble.

What to look for in a DIYers tool

A great DIYER tool finds the middle ground between usability and functionality. When searching for diagnostic devices, DIYers should look into devices that try to achieve this balance.

Some common features on DIY tools include

What to look for in a professional tool

Features and functionality are the main distinguishing attributes when differentiating pro tools. Professionals need well quipped devices that can handle most if not all of their scanning needs.

Final word

Pointing one way and choosing Autel over Launch would be an unfair decision. Each of these manufacturers produces great devices across the user spectrum. Choosing either of them based on a single tool or series would be an unfair call. Finding a tool however is a whole other story. If you plan on selecting a diagnostic device from either of these makers, make sure you’re very cut throat about it especially when making the considerations we talked about.

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