Autel Vs Snap on

Both Autel and Snap On have made a name for themselves in the diagnostic devices industry. These two manufacturers produce a variety of tools with innovative features most manufacturers cannot keep up with. We are going to compare Autel against Snap on, checking each manufacturer’s top diagnostic scanning device for beginners, DIYers and professionals. Additionally, we will discuss what top quality you should look for when finding a tool for either of the users within this spectrum and give you tips for the next time you’re thinking about purchasing a scanning tool.

Autel Vs Snap on – A Quick Comparison





Across the pricing spectrum from LOW-EXPENSIVE Across the pricing spectrum from LOW-EXPENSIVE


Wide product variation Okay


Good Good
Beginner tools


DIY tools


Autel Autolink AL519 Snap-On VERUS PRO D10
Professional tools




Founded in 2004, Autel is an established multibrand company that has earned their name in diagnostic tool manufacture. They are well known for their professional diagnostic devices, equipment and other automobile accessories.

Autel strives to create top quality devices that are not only innovative but also easy to use with a good price –quality ratio. To achieve this, Autel continuously changes and expands with the market. A whopping 10% of all yearly turn over goes to research and development of newer and more advanced technologies.

Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 – Best Autel for Beginners

The MD802 can be described as the one tool that can do it all. This multifunctional scanner is powered by exclusive technology making it a one of a kind device for beginners. The easy diagnosis platform allows for quick and efficient serving.

You can depend on the MD802 for not only proper diagnostics function but also great data presentation. Like we said, it’s a great tool for doing it all.

Autel Autolink AL519 – Best Autel for DIYers

The Autel Autolink AL519 is a cleverly designed device that combines power with affordability, making it the ultimate DIY option. It has great features incorporated onto the compact easy to use instrument. This allows the use to utilize this device without hassle.

With unique features incorporated into this model, it is a considerably functional tool. Because it is compatible with most OBD2 and CAN vehicles, both domestic and import, the Autel Autolink AL519 is the ideal tool for any and all car enthusi

ast looking to fulfill their scanner dreams.

Autel Maxisys Elite – Best Autel for Professionals

This is the newest addition to the Maxisys series, a collection of Autel’s most well equipped advanced scanners. The smart diagnostics capabilities are supplemented by high operational speeds and other comprehensive features.

Autel Maxisys Elite boasts an excellent super sensitive captive display screen with a bunch of sophisticated and powerful application. Its exceptional functionality on this model is ideal for professionals everywhere.

What we like about Autel

  • Has arguably one of the largest selection of scanners to choose from
  • Great reputation as a manufacturer
  • Many of their scanners come with free updates

What we don’t like Autel

  • Price might be an issue especially for professional diagnostic devices

Snap on

With almost a century of product development under their belt, snap on is a seasoned manufacturer with a rich history in automobile tools. Snap on believes in product and work safety, quality, innovation and rapid continuous improvement. Since its founding in 1920, Snap on has delivered and continues to deliver a wide array of products including tools, equipment and information and systems solutions.

ETHOS EDGE SCAN TOOL AND SOFTWARE (EESC332W ­) -Best Snap on for beginner

This is an elaborately designed device that eliminates most of the challenges that come with using a scanning device. With the Ethos EDGE, you can expedite tasks easily and even run special functions using the functional navigation system. The device, while it incorporates some special features and functions into the design, is set up for quick and simple use.

Snap-On VERUS PRO D10 – Best Snap on for DIYers

In a few words, the Snap-On VERUS PRO D10 is a lightweight smart scanning tool that is the embodiment of power and efficiency. This device is equipped with features that confer functionality only professionals can truly appreciate. The connectivity allows you to work wirelessly and provides a ton of resources when you need any tips or tricks you you’re in need if re tips. This device useless all aspects of its manufacture it can perform well and at fast speeds.


The snap on Zeus is characterized by it unique intelligent diagnosis that basically anticipates what moves you should take to find the best solution. This sophisticated set up best suits professional who can utilize such assistance in a busy environment. You can rely on this particular tool to serve as a personal assistant in your workshop.

PS: You can only access intelligent diagnosis feature with the right software.

What we like about Snap on

  • Years of reliable diagnostic device manufacture makes them trusted brand
  • Each device is a worthy addition to any tool collection.
  • Snap on is big on constant innovation

What we don’t like about Snap on

  • Snap on tool selection isn’t as extensive compared to other manufacturers

Comparing each of the levels

Beginner level tools

What to look for in a beginner’s tool

Beginner tools must have excellent basic features. These tools need well developed basic scanning tool functionalities and easy to use interface. The main focus has to be the ease of use and intuition of the interface. Good beginner tools should help the user get into working with diagnostic devices without trouble.

Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 vs ETHOS EDGE SCAN TOOL AND SOFTWARE will end in a stalemate considering how well each tool suits beginners. While the MD is described as a great tool for doing it all, the Ethos EDGE is the inclusive device that is still quick and easy to use. Both Autel and Snap on provide great options for beginner devices.

DIYer level tools

What to look for in a DIYers tool

Balance is often the main attribute DIYers should seek when purchasing scanning tools. A great DIYER tool finds the middle ground between usability and functionality. Without oversimplifying or overcomplicating things, middle ground tools can be utilized to the fullest extent by car enthusiast.

Autel Autolink AL519 vs Snap-On VERUS PRO D10 will also end in a stalemate. Both these devices have good features for middle tier diagnostics tools. Both incorporate power and efficiency into thei design making them ideal DIYer options.

Professional level tools

What to look for in a professional tool

Features and functionality are the main distinguishing attributes when differentiating pro tools. Professionals need well quipped devices that can handle most if not all of their scanning needs.

Autel Maxisys Elite vs. ZEUS™ DIAGNOSTIC AND INFORMATION SYSTEM will end with Autel taking the win. While the Snap on Zeus provides an intuitive device that is basically a pro assistant, the Autel slightly outdoes the functionality of the Zeus.  The Zeus has an exceptional intelligence diagnosis system but fails to match up to the Elite which not only has smart diagnosis and servicing, but also incomparable functionality.

Don’t forget about TPMS: What to look for in a TPMS device

A good TPMS diagnostic device should allow scanning, activation, diagnosis, and programming and in many cases relearning. More elaborately, here are the basic functions you should expect from a good TPMS device. A TPMS tool will activate or trigger sensors that are inactive. After activation, the tool will receive sensor information and send it to the ECM.

The information indicates the location of the sensor among other details. It will then proceed to help detect faults within the system based on the information it is provided. In case of any issues, you might notice the TPMS indicator light come on. A good TPMS should help clear the indicator light when it comes on. Additionally, these devices can program sensors.

Some of the benefits of TPMS include

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced risk of slow punctures
  • Tires maintained at prime pressures means safer driving experiences for you and other drivers
  • TPMS reduce the distance of braking when you pres on the brakes, thus decreasing the chances of skidding

Factors to consider when purchasing a diagnostic tool

Purchasing a diagnostic device is like making a lifelong commitment. Because these devices are made to last, you want to ensure you choose the right device to get stuck with. Here is a guide to what you should consider before settling for a diagnostic tool.


Given the insight we’ve provided on Autel and Snap on as great manufacturers of diagnostics tools, it wouldn’t be fair to exclude brands from your considerations. Both these companies are reliable brands with a great track record of diagnostic and service tools manufacture. Starting off with identifying the brands you would like to chose from will help you effectively narrow down the search.

Design and features

One of the most acute differentiating factors among models and even between brands is the features each tool is equipped with and the design element. When shopping for a diagnostic tool, it is advisable that you look for features whose functionality matches your requirements. You can easily find the description of features, specs and capabilities rand web pages.

Who is the intended user?

This is among the most important question you must ask yourself when you decide to purchase something. Identifying the user and primary goals for a diagnostic tool will help narrow down your search a great deal. In fact, it may influence several other factors. Identifying the user means you identify their needs and requirements. In the end, the tool you select must efficiently fulfill the needs of the intended user.


We will be the first to tell you, diagnostic scanners are no cheap joke. While not all of them care expensive, many of them aren’t cheap either. The most expensive scanners, pro scanners, are highly advanced devices with high end technologies. It is no wonder these tools cost thousands of dollars. However, you must be careful when it comes to price matters: expensive should not translate to the best product. That leads us to our next consideration.

Ratings, reviews and recommendations

Assuming you have a smaller list of potential candidate by now, it is easy to go through your options reviews and ratings. You can read though users first had experiences and determine how well the device has served different types of users and if it is the best sit for you. Recommendations may reveal some popular tools you may have missed during your selection.

A note on OBD and OBD compliance

OBD2 systems usually have 5 protocols; these usually differ depending on the models. Any OBD2 compliant automobile will use either of these communication protocols. Diagnostic scanning tools are usually equipped to support these protocols, some or all 5, to help in checking the system for faults. Contrary to what some people may believe, there are only 5 protocols. The rest are usually protocol variants. The protocols include:

  • ISO9141-2
  • SAE J1850 VPW
  • SAE J1850 PWM
  • ISO14230-4 (KWP2000)
  • ISO 15765-4/SAE J2480 since 2003

Usually, you can determine the protocol your vehicle uses by checking the pinout of your OBD connector.

Final word

Autel and Snap on are by far among the most popular brands of diagnostic devices on the market, and rightfully so. Both manufacturers incorporate innovative technologies and designs into their devices. While there may be several differences in terms of capabilities and features on their tools, it is evident that both these brands value the quality of the tools they put out. Going by our list, both Autel and Snap on are good choices for diagnostic devices.

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