Can trackr track my car?     

Have you ever gone for a party and there were so many cars parked outside that you could not locate yours. Well this small device can fit on your key holder or you can tag it in your car.

You can use it to track your car or keys whenever you misplace them. Instead of the usual way of panicking, then turning on your alarm car, you can invest in the trackr bravo.

Trackr bravo is a cheap alternative to expensive GPS trackers. You do not need to connect it to the car battery or pay monthly subscription fees.

What is trackr?

Trackr bravo is a small electronic device the size of a coin. It allows you to track lost items like your keys, dog, laptop and even your car. This is done at the comfort of your cellphone or internet enabled laptop – no need to call the cops.

Trackr comes with an easy to use app that you download on your smartphone. The next step is to attach it to the item you want to track. Here you do not need to be familiar electronics everything is clear and simple. Once attached it will emit a signal which you can track with your cellphone. The device is inexpensive and costs less than $30.

Trackr Bravo features

The trackr bravo makes for a good tracking device due to its relatively small size – measures 0.14 by 1.2 inches. It can fit on most items making it a universal tracker. If you want a model even smaller the go with the trackr pixel.

The trackr bravo comes with a removable battery and comes with bright LED lights that make it easy to locate when in the dark. The range is up to 100 feet meaning you have to be very close your item to track it.

The trackr app is compatible with most mobile phones using Android or iOS. It produces a loudness of up to 82 decibels. You have a variety of colors to choose from – silver, black, blue, and rose gold.

How does it work?

Trackr once connected to a device will send a signal through Bluetooth and you will hear an alarm go on from the trackr device. You should follow the sound and you will find your lost keys, dog or car. Once you have identified your item then press a button on the app and the alarm will be set off.

The device has undergone improvements and resent tests show you can locate a device that is 70 feet away.  However, the range is more of 50 feet which is different from what is marketed. There are also issues with loss of connection between the device and your phone when you go beyond this range. It takes time for your phone to reestablish this connection.

The other downside comes to the battery life. You will need to recharge your trackr battery for it to work efficiently. In addition, after an year you are forced to purchase a new battery for your trackr.

On the positive, it offers geo-fencing that helps you know when you are separated from the device. This also works when you are tracking your dog and do not want it to run off too far.

How trackr compares to GPS trackers

Trackr is a great device for tracking small items like your keys, dog, or wallet. But, how does it compare with GPS trackers.


When compared to a GPS tracker, the trackr wins. It is relatively small and can be hidden anywhere in the car. This presents you with numerous hiding options. GPS trackers have reduced in size and today are the size of a matchbox. The trackr is the size of a RFID you see in spy movies.


This is where things get a bit hot. The reason many car owners prefer using GPS trackers is that it uses various satellites orbiting the atmosphere to send a signal. This means you have unlimited range. You can locate a car miles away from the comfort of your laptop without exposing yourself to security risks.

Trackr has big shortcomings when it comes to range. For one, it connects to your phone through Bluetooth. This means you have to be close to the trackr device for you to track it. The manufacturer put this range at 100 feet but we have found it is less than 70 feet.

In addition, there is a 7 second delay for your phone to reestablish a connection with the device when you go out of range. Trackr while great for tracking cannot be efficient for your car.


The reason cars come with satellite navigation systems is that you can connect them directly to the car’s battery. This means the device is at all times connected to a power source and the probability of losing a signal is minimal.

Trackr uses a simple battery that needs to be recharged. If you are tracking your car for hours then it there is a likelihood of losing your signal. It is impossible to track a stolen car with trackr. The moment the car thieves go beyond 70 feet your is beyond the range of Bluetooth.


This great feature is available in trackr and most GPS trackers. The feature allows you to create digital fences that give you alerts whenever someone crosses them. This is a great feature for those operating large fleet of trucks or a parent tracking their teenage child.


Trackr is a great device to track your car whenever you misplace it in shopping malls or outdoor parties but it has certain limitations that make it not great for tracking your car. For one the range is limited. A trackr device can only be detected if it is 70 feet away – and this is through Bluetooth.

This will prove ineffective to track a stolen car unlike GPS trackers that have unlimited range due to the use of multiple satellites in the earth’s atmosphere. On a positive note you do not need to pay monthly subscription fees to use the device and it is relatively small.


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