Castrol EDGE vs. Castrol EDGE professional

The engine is the heart of the car. To run smoothly, the engine requires high quality oil. Motor oil serves various purposes. Firstly, it reduces friction by acting as a lubricant. As a lubricant, it helps your pistons move more smoothly. Motor oil will offer your engine an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

You will notice engine efficiency as it’s cleansing agents remove sludge and other deposits from the oil. Lastly, engine oil is vital for cooling the engine. You should identify motor oils that can withstand high temperatures without breaking down.

Castrol has being a leading motor oil production company for many years. Their flagship product is the Castrol EDGE. This review, examines some of the qualities that make it a preferred premium oil brand.

Castrol company overview

When Castrol started operation in the 19thcentury it was called CC Wakefield & Co. It later changed hands to become a subsidiary of BP. Castrol produces lubricants for many industries including NASA. There most popular brand is Castrol EDGE.

This is a premium full synthetic blend that is suitable for most modern engines. If you own an old engine no need to worry as the Castrol GTX line is designed specifically for your car. Castrol Magnatec has specially formulated molecules that cling to the engine parts hence offering an extra layer of protection. This keeps your engine from premature wear and tear.

Castrol motor oils have being recommended by virtually all car brands. The brand also have oils with various viscosity ranges and this means you will always find something for your car.

What makes Castrol EDGE professional so special?

Castrol EDGE professional has being reinforced with titanium FST™. This ensures that it withstands the extreme engine pressures common with most modern engines. The titanium technology acts as a thin film on the engine that protects it from friction and premature wear and tear.

To meet certain Carbon emissions tests, Castrol EDGE professional is developed from micro-filtration and this means it has met the highest of standards. The oil is certified as C02 neutral and meets Castrol’s optical particle measurement regulations.

As is seen, this is a motor oil for those who are serious about protecting their new engines. The oil is recommended for the Volvo VCC RBSO-2AE. It works for both diesel and gasoline engines.

Castrol EDGE professional V 0w 20 is designed for modern engines that are very demanding. The engine are high performance and this means they require low viscosity oils. EDGE professional, will maximize your engine’s performance in both the short and long term.

It offers a layer of protection through its titanium technology and this protection is delivered no matter the temperatures or car speeds. Even under extreme temperatures the motor oil will still retain its viscosity. Car owners have noted increased fuel efficiencies after using the motor oil.

Another well known product from Castrol that offers the same level of protection as the Castrol EDGE professional is the Castrol Magnatec professional. Castrol has being known for infusing cutting edge technologies into their motor oil production.

In this regards, they have lubricants for motorcycles, cars, marines and other offshore industries. Castrol Magnatec is set apart by its use of intelligent molecules that cling to the engine walls. The molecules will not come off no matter the driving conditions.

This keeps your engine protected at all times. As you know, when you stop your car, oil will flow back to the sump. When you have Castrol Magnatec, the intelligent molecules will remain on the engine hence offering unrivalled protection.

Castrol has distinguished itself due to its superior engine protection. The Castrol EDGE line uses titanium technology that ensures maximum engine protection while cleansing the engine off sludge deposits.

The EDGE extended gives you engine protection for over 20,000 miles. This means you do not need to change your engine oil frequently. In some instances, you can drain the oil, remove impurities and then resupply it back to the engine.

Engine oil needs to be changed the moment you notice that it has a very dark color, is full of sludge and emits smoke. If there are any leaks it means that you have less efficiency and increased fuel consumption.

Castrol EDGE main competitors include Mobil 1 professional and Pennzoil platinum. Since the oil is full synthetic it is suitable for most modern engines. Synthetic oils are preferred due to the level of protection they offer when compared to conventional oils.

However, if you have an old engine you may want to consider the synthetic blends. Castrol offers this through their Castrol GTX line of products. It is imperative that you consult your manufacturers manual when purchasing engine oil. The wrong choice will lead to disastrous consequences like shortened engine life.

When it comes to selecting the right motor oil, a couple of factors come into play. What works for your old engine will not work for a modern engine. The demands are different. Old engines suffer from sludge accumulation and in most cases you will notice that the seals are worn out.

This increases the chances of oil leaks. To mitigate this, high mileage oils are created. This come with more additives and detergents than regular oils. The additives will cleanse the engine while the anti-wear agents will prevent premature wear and tear.

If you have a modern engine then you need the very best motor oil. Nothing in the market does a better job in improving engine efficiency like Castrol EDGE. Firstly, it is made from a special titanium technology that ensures that the oil does not breakdown even under extreme pressure.


If you are looking for the right motor oil for your car then try out Castrol EDGE. The oil retains its properties even under extreme cold or hot temperatures. It will offer your engine with an extra layer of protection while doing a superb job of lubricating moving parts.

Castrol EDGE has built a solid reputation as a premium motor oil. The company keeps innovating and improving their products and this has made them recommended by many car brands.

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