Castrol EDGE vs. Syntec

Before embarking on any trip, ensure that your engine has the right amount of oil. Motor oil keeps the moving parts well-lubricated hence preventing friction and overheating. It also contains various additives and detergents that are critical in keeping your engine super clean.

Motor oil can take you for more than 10,000 miles before the next oil change. When you have dirty or leaking oil, the car will shake more than normal. You will also experience smoky exhaust emissions.

This consequently leads to fuel inefficiencies and the life span of your engine is reduced. Castrol is one of the top motor oil producers in the world. Their oils are made from the highest standards and are recommended by many car manufacturers across the world. This review of Castrol EDGE vs. Syntec looks at two of their products.

Company history

When Castrol started in the 19thcentury it was initially called CC Wakefield & Co. Since it used Castrol oil in most of their lubricants, the founders named it Castrol. Today, it operates as a subsidiary of BP.

Castrol EDGE is their premium product that is full synthetic and recommended for most modern engines. The high quality lubricants have even being used by NASA and this is a statement as to their quality.

Castrol GTX is a synthetic blend that is suitable for most old engines. Under it there is Castrol GTX ultraclean that comes with twice the amount of additives and detergents. It is suitable for those whose engines are extremely dirty.

Castrol Magnatec is another top selling product from Castrol. It comes with specially designed molecules that attach to the engine hence offering an extra layer of protection.

Why do car manufacturers insist of full synthetic oil?

If you have just bought a car, you will notice that auto attendants recommending that you go with full synthetic oils. The oils will protect your warranty while offering your engine maximum protection.

Castrol EDGE is a full synthetic oil that is recommended by car brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Audi, Volkswagen, and Aston Martin. The oil also meets the specifications for Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Engineers at Castrol were able to design a motor oil that can withstand pressure while keeping the engine super clean. The oil also has the benefit of extended drain intervals. This means it operates as normal even under extreme temperatures. The oil offers the car maximum protection even when towing heavy loads.

Castrol EDGE extended performance

The secret to Castrol EDGE superior performance lies in a special titanium technology that has being infused in the motor oil. This makes the oil strong even under extreme pressure.

It is estimated that modern engines produce more than 10 tons per square centimeter. Castrol EDGE can withstand this. It does this by offering an extra layer of protection. The titanium technology ensures maximum engine performance while reducing friction between the movable parts.

The oil is a full synthetic. The reason Castrol receives so many positive online reviews is because their engine oils will run your engine for more than 15,000 miles before the next oil change. In some instances, you can drain the oil, remove impurities and recycle it.

The reason for this is that full synthetic oils do not have the kind of impurities found in most crude oils. Castrol synthetic oil keeps your engine clean because it has being distilled through a careful process in the labs.

This ensures that no matter how the engine temperatures are, the oil will not evaporate, thicken or become too thin. Castrol oils can met the demands of most modern engines with ease.

Castrol GTX Magnatec

After extensive research it has being concluded that over 75% of the engine’s wear and tear at the first 20 minutes of starting the engine. Castrol GTX Magnatec is designed from specially formulated molecules that attach to the engine parts hence offering an extra layer of protection.

The molecules will cling to the engine parts like magnets and remain there even after you have switched of the ignition and the oil has drained to the sump. This dramatically reduces engine wear and tear.

Castrol Syntec 5w 50

This is a product designed to offer maximum engine protection. It will retain its properties even under extreme hot or cold weather conditions. You will continue enjoying oil circulation during start-up and even as you continue driving.

The oil can be used by almost all cars including light trucks and SUVs. Turbocharged engines are known for producing a lot of heat. If you do not have the right motor oil it will breakdown.

Castrol Syntec will offer your turbo engines protection. It also does an excellent job of cleansing sludge off your engine while offering the right amount of lubrication. The oil is available in I quart or 1 gallon containers.

When it comes to comparing motor oils nothing beats the full synthetic oils for new engines. The oils have being specially crafted and refined to ensure that they are of the highest standards. Castrol, Mobil, and Shell Helix Ultra lead in the category with their various brands.

Synthetic blends combine ingredients from both synthetic and conventional oils. Castrol has being able to successfully penetrate this market through the Castrol GTX lineup. Conventional oils have with time lost their popularity especially with the introduction of synthetic oils.

Today, they are most popular with old engines. Castrol has several options when it comes to the conventional oil market.


EDGE is Castrol flagship product. The motor oil is full synthetic and this makes it suitable for most diesel and gasoline engines. It comes in a variety of viscosity ranges. What makes Castrol EDGE outstanding is that it is made from innovative titanium technology.

Modern engines are subject to ten times the pressure of older engines. This means you want a motor oil that can withstand high pressure. Castrol EDGE is your motor oil of choice. It will protect your engine oil from sludge formation while protecting it from premature wear and tear. Full synthetic oils are recommended for most modern engines.

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