Is it Better to Use E85 or Gasoline?

If there is one thing that is constantly increasing in our world today, it is the cars. There are cars everywhere trying to catch up with the gazillion errands that seem to have been unleashed suddenly. With this the planet has been disadvantaged with all the toxic emissions choking up all the oxygen. Many researchers … Read more

How long does it take for car finance to be approved?

With the variations in mind, time taken can range from a few hours up to a week.So what are some of these parameters and how do they affect approval time? Keep reading. How to acquire car finance? There are two ways in which one can get car finance and that is either through a bank … Read more

How does a lease work when you trade in a car?

Leasing is becoming more and more popular among people at the times go buy. You now get to have a new car, drive it around for a few years and at the end of your lease decide whether you want to buy the car or return the car to lease it again or simply return … Read more

Found damage on new car after purchase – What should I do?

Buying a brand new car brings with it a level of excitement that is indescribable. Having to be the first one to own a car that is straight from the manufacturer is more than the feeling you would get from trying on a new dress or shoe. However, that’s not how it plays out. Read … Read more

Does E85 give you more power?

Corn ethanol has pretty much set up the stage for endless discussions and experiments revolving around this phenomenon. The discussion in itself is timely as we try and move towards finding healthier solutions for a world with lesser harmful emissions. In that spirit, corn fuel also known as ethanol fuel is one of those many … Read more

Do car dealers prefer cash or financing?

When it comes to buy a car from a dealership, you normally have the option of either paying the full amount outright or financing which is in terms of auto loans. If you choose the option of financing, then you have to pay interest on top of a monthly fee every month until the amount … Read more

Choosing between manual and automatic cars

Well the choice ultimately is yours to make but ours is to make choosing an easier experience. Let’s have a look at both and get to see which car will work well for you. Automatic transmission vs manual transmission Automatic transmissions, as the name suggests, don’t need much interaction of the driver. The driver alternates … Read more

Can Ethanol Damage your Engine?

For some, ethanol solves all their problems and for others, well, it is the worst possible thing that anyone could have ever come up with. Ethanol, as with most products, does have challenges but it still offers some benefits and since it is now a part of us, with the Environmental Protection Agency mandating(RFS) an … Read more

What is a PCM in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The automobile industry has undergone numerous technological advancements. We can safely say that the modern car is simply a beauty with brains. Underneath their elegant and sophisticated exteriors, there lie powerful and tiny micro-controlling systems that provide modern vehicles with ample processing power. The powertrain control modules are similar to the ‘brains’ behind smart vehicles. … Read more

VVT and direct injection-differences

The fuel system in modern cars has evolved over the years to keep up with fuel efficiency and emission laws. The primary role of a vehicle’s fuel system is to store and supply fuel to the internal combustion engine. There has been an introduction of different fuel injection systems in the automobile industry, ever since … Read more