Pennzoil Platinum vs. Castrol EDGE Titanium

It is virtually impossible to drive a car without motor oil. Firstly, the kind of friction that is produced by the engine parts is so high that it can ruin your engine if not for lubrication.  The engine will also cool the engine and prevent overheating. This helps in boosting engine efficiency and fuel economy. … Read more

Castrol GTX Magnatec vs. EDGE

Just like your body cannot go without water, so does the car’s engine with oil. Engine oil is vital for lubrication of moving parts. It also helps in heat dissipation. The internal combustion engine produces a lot of heat, which can cause expansion of various metallic parts. Engine oil will circulate from the oil pan … Read more

9 Best Polishes for White Cars Review

Car owners naturally do not enjoy looking at mud and dirt all over their car. Drivers, especially those who are fond of pearly-white cars understand how hard it can get trying to keep the car speck-free day after day.   Maintenance of a white surface is a challenge because dirt particles, brake dust, scratches, tar and … Read more