Foam Cannon Soap Reviews

 You have spent large sums of money getting the best paint job on your car, but if you do not get rid of all the grime and dirt no one will notice how cool your car is. If you have gone to most car washes you have probably encountered a car covered in thick studs. This is the work of the foam cannon.

A foam cannon is a device that is connected to a pressure washer and uses foam soap to create thick studs on the car surface. The reason most motorists would prefer using foam cannons as opposed to regular bucket and hand wash is that dirt on the car can rub against the surface causing scratches.

Cleaning your car has never been this fun with a foam cannon but you need to identify the right foam soap first. This review goes in-depth into the best foam cannon soaps in the market.

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Adam’s Mega Foam

Adam's Mega Foam Shampoo 16 oz - pH Neutral Wash Soap Designed For Maximum Foam Suds In Your Bucket, Foam Cannon, Foam Gun, Sponge, Mitt, Chamois - Won't Strip Or Remove Wax Sealant or Ceramic Coating
  • CREATES A HUGE AMOUNT OF THICK, LUBRICATING SUDS SUDS SUDS - Adam's Mega Foam Shampoo is designed...
  • SAFELY REMOVES DIRT, POLLEN, SOOT, AND OTHER CONTAMINANTS - Using a blend of advanced cleaners and...

If you want to get the most from your foam cannon then the Adam’s mega foam is you soap of choice. It produces a lot of thick studs that covers every inch of your car’s surface. The best part is you do not have to worry about your ceramic coating or wax sealant being stripped.

The Adam’s Mega foam is an improvement to the Ultra and offers up to 10 times more concentration than you will find in other regular soaps. It is equipped with some specially formulated molecules that get rid of grime and dirt in your car leaving it super clean. The foam cannon features a blend of polymers and cleaners that have being designed with special technology that ensures your foam is the thickest.

Adam’s Mega has a neutral PH which means it will not harm your car paint, rubber or plastic. Once you are done applying the soap just give it a rinse and you will be amazed at how shiny your car is. The technologies used on the Adam’s Mega are amazing as it suspends mineral content in water and can be used for washing in direct sunlight. The product is fully made in the USA, so you are sure that quality has not being compromised in any way.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers very thick studs
  • PH neutral means does not harm your wax or sealants
  • Contains a blend of polymers and cleaners
  • Offers 10 times more concentration than traditional soaps

Chemical Guy CWS_110 Honeydew Snow foam

Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap and Cleanser (1 Gal), 128 fl. Oz (Gallon)
  • Snow foam eliminates dirt, grime and environmental contaminants with massive amounts of dirt...
  • Safe on all vehicle surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl, glass and plastics. Works on all type...
  • Concentrated cleaning power dilute with one cap to five gallons of water to produce billions of...

This is one of the best foam cannon soaps in the market. It delivers excellent results no matter the type of device you are using – foam cannon or expensive pressure washers. To top it up it comes with an amazing scent that leaves your car not only looking super clean but smelling fresh.

The specially formulated blend in Chemical Guy CWS will first work on hard to remove grime and dirt. It will do this without causing any harm to your existing surfaces. This makes the solution ideal for washing your vinyl, paint, glass, rubber and plastic surfaces. The solution is highly concentrated and you need just a capful to clean your SUVs, trucks or off-road vehicles. With billions of active molecules the one capful per five gallon of water offers great value for money.

The chemical guy solution comes with an amazing scent and is PH neutral. The super thick sticks to your car until you wash it off with clean water.

Key Features

  • Great scent and thick studs
  • PH neutral means it is safe for a variety of car surfaces
  • Highly concentrated
  • Can work with a variety of foam cannons

Meguiar’s Gold Class car wash soap

MEGUIAR'S G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner, 64. Fluid_Ounces
  • Rich and luxurious car wash designed to wash and condition paint in one easy step
  • Premium formula offers rich foaming and sudsing action to gently and safely wash away tough dirt,...
  • Ultra-rich conditioners reveal color and clarity and leave your paint with a radiant shine

Meguiar’s is another premium brand in the car wash category. It produces a wide range of high quality waxes and polishes and their soap foam is no exception. The Meguiar’s Gold class offers thick studs that keeps all the grime from your car. It is safe for use on all car paint types and due to its neutral PH does not cause any harm to your car’s surfaces.

Due to a rich set of ultra-rich conditioners the foam soap will help reveal your car color better while leaving it with a shiny look. The solution is highly concentrated and you will need one part of the solution for 5 parts of water. The solution leaves your car looking super clean while having a nice sweet citrus smell.

Key Features

  • The foam thickness lasts long
  • PH balanced for extra car surface protection
  • Amazing scent of lever soap and baby shampoo
  • Works amazingly well in removing grime and dirt

Bilt Hamber Autofoam

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam 5 Liters, Snow Foam Car Wash Soap
  • Foam Cannon Shampoo
  • 5 Ltr Jug
  • Non-caustic

Unlike the Adam’s and Chemical Guy products that are well known little is talked about when it comes to the Bilt Hamber. The main issue is that it is produced in Europe. However, this does not mean that the product is inferior in any way. No, it produces some thick studs that are long lasting as well.

If you are looking for a product that handles hard to remove grime then this is your product. It will work on your bird droppings, mud and dirt without causing any harm to your car’s surface. To minimize any chances of having your car being scratched by dirt, you need to apply the auto foam first, then wash it off with a pressure washer. You can then use a blow dryer to get rid of any excess water.

The Bilt Hamber is completely biodegradable so you do not need to worry about any harm being caused to the environment. It comes in a five-liter jug.

Key Features

  • Works on tough stains like bird droppings
  • Biodegradable
  • Produces thick studs
  • Offers value for money

Why you should consider foam cannon

Foam cannons are a great replacement to traditional bucket and soap methods of washing cars. They are easy to use and save a lot of time. If you have a large, muddy car then you can relate with how frustrating it is getting it super clean.

Once you have covered the car in thick studs all you have to do is wait for the specially formulated studs to do its magic removing any grime or dirt from your car. You will then have to scrub the car gently so that you do not leave any scratches then a pressure washer will wash off the soap.

The foam cannon does a better job of protecting your car paint while keeping it clean than a bucket wash. All the products we have reviewed are biodegradable so you do not need to worry about them causing any harm to the environment. The solutions come with millions of active detergents that work on the dirt hence loosening it. This means you do not have to scrub the car surface aggressively.

Foam cannons are not relegated to car washes only, you can find an affordable device to use for your car at home.


For some people the only way to clean their car is through a bucket, soap and sponge. However, this can leave your car with numerous scratches hence destroying the paint work you have spent so much on. Foam cannons help create thick studs that loosen the dirt on your car. Once you have created the studs all you need to do is scrub your car gently then wash off the studs with a pressure washer.

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