Is it worth fixing a car or replacing it?

There is no clear-cut answer to whether fixing your old car or replacing it is the best solution. It all depends on the pros and cons of each circumstance. The first step to solving such a dilemma is to weigh down your options. Luckily, we will help you in making an informed decision of whether it is worth fixing your car or replacing it.

When is it not worth it to repair my car?

Car repairs have a few things in common; they cost a reasonably large amount of money, causing you immense aggravation. Whether these repairs are a result of maintenance issues, accidents, or a manufacturer’s defect, it is crucial to be well informed to make the best decision.

Many factors must be taken into account when deciding if a car is worthy of repairs. You must consider if the repair of your car will increase your car’s value while also bearing in mind that some car issues may trigger a chain of events later on. Here are a few car problems not worth fixing.

Engine problems

repair my car or buy a new one?

A vehicle’s engine is the most crucial part of the car.  It is responsible for converting gas energy into motion energy, thus allowing the movement of the car. Engine issues range from making unnecessary sounds to jerking while driving to lousy transmission.

Such issues build up until the engine breaks down. The cost of such repairs is also quite high since the engine has to be removed and examined from the inside. At other times, the issues may cause damage to the engine, thus the need to replace it.

Issues potentially leading to a blown motor

Regardless of the fatality of an issue, once your engine begins to experience problems, such problems could lead to a blown engine, thus a blown motor. Severe engine issues, noticeable smells, and dark smoke from your vehicle’s exhaust are a cause of alarm.

Also, take note of warning lights from your vehicle’s instrument cluster for signs of a bad engine. It could be that your vehicle is consuming oil in the combustion chamber together with the gas or that you are leaking oil somewhere.

Frame damage

If your vehicle was in an accident and the impact damaged your car’s frame, then repairing it is not a worthy venture. Most vehicles on the road, excluding pick-ups, consist of a unibody frame that covers the entire vehicle.

Specifically made to hold the vehicle together, in the event of an accident, once the structural frame of the car is bent or damaged, its cost of repair may surpass the car’s total value. The process requires unique industrial machines to clamp onto your car and stretch it back to its original shape. Such professional repairs may cost over $8000 -$10000.

When can I fix my car rather than replacing it?

It is cheaper than buying a new car

why fixing your car might be better

Often, it is less expensive to fix your old car than to buy a new one. With regular maintenance check-ups, you may find your car is almost as new as you bought it when the time comes to sell it. You may also compare if the cost of repairs will surpass the vehicle’s total value.

If it is relatively low than the car’s total value, it is advisable to go on with the repairs. Always compare repair services from different car dealerships and garages to make an informed decision on where to make the repairs. Similarly, remember that a new car’s total value depreciates by 22% in the first year.

Sentimental attachments

Maybe the vehicle is a gift from a loved one or a dream car you dreamt of purchasing when younger, you may have an emotional connection with it. It is more than a car for you; it is an old companion. This is also a valid reason to fix your car rather than replace it.

It is best to shop around for repair shops that fit within your budget if you want hassle-free repairs. Fix the grave issues first and the others you can fix yourself after watching a couple of DIY videos. It is also helpful if you save up for future maintenance and repairs to ensure such a dilemma does not happen again.

What options do I have when I decide to replace my car?

replacing your vehicle instead of fixing it

If you decide fixing your vehicle is not worth, there are various options when looking for replacements. You could opt to sell the car or offer it as part of an exchange for a new car. You may also choose to temporarily lease a car, after selling your old car, while you save up enough money for a new car.

Another option is selling your car to a car recycling company such as Once you send them your postcode and vehicle’s registration number, they immediately send you a quotation for your vehicle. This is more convenient than organizing a private sale.


Everyone has an opinion on when it is better to fix a car or replace it. Depending on your needs and your car’s history, only you know whether it is worth it to fix or replace your car. Sometimes, buying a new car is easier and less expensive than paying to repair your old one. You may also opt to take advantage of the rebates and incentives offered on new cars today. As long as the option you choose provides you with a peace of mind, go through with it, no matter how expensive it may be.

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