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When it comes to buying a car, either new or used, what many of us look for is comfort and getting something which will serve you for decades without demanding all your savings in the process. For this reason, Consumer Reports is always carrying out surveys on a wide range of products such as products in the automotive world.

Our data will be sourced mainly from Consumer reports as well as What Car?because we understand the headache and importance of buying a car and we wouldn’t want to feed you lies and end up costing you more than just your time. We used credible sources to bring you the least reliable car brands with the issues that got them into that list.

Car Overview

The reason for diversity in car brands is simply because they are all customized to meet different consumer needs. Since we don’t expect different brands to make the exact same thing, we also don’t expect the malfunctions to come out the same.

To err is human and we don’t expect car manufacturers to always have it right. However, this does not give them an excuse to always give rotten products but instead it pushes them to improve and better their brands. So let’s have a look at our list.


It’s no surprise to see the Volkswagen on the list of the least reliable cars since this German automaker has been making headlines with lawsuit after lawsuit. Reliability has been an issue of late with cars such the Volkswagen Atlas failing the test with a not so outstanding fuel economy and people complaining about the standard forward collision warning, blind spot warning, lane keeping assist and emergency braking.

Another example of the VW car is the Tiguanwhich reported issues with the body control modules which are used to control power components such as locks. Other problems reported had to do with the engine starting capability.

With the important problems highlighted, VW seems to still have some work to do to be able to compete with car brands such as Audi, Volkswagen’s sister company. They are however aware of the issues so we should expect to see this name toping the ranks soon.


We are as surprised as you are to see the Cadillac make it on this list and not the top reliable cars one. But, the matter at hand is reliability and on this even the most sophisticated ones tend to fall sometimes. Their electronic systems are to blame for this low rating as consumers have complained of problems such as frozen touch screens.

The CTS while it oozes off class is frustrating to drive since consumers have complained about the overly complex Cue infotainment system, the rear-seat room being a bit of a snug and trunk space being small. Similar problems have been reported in the Escalade such as the perplexing Cue infotainment system, cramped space and the second row seats being not very comfortable.

Aside from these problems, there has been no complain of the Cadillac’s ability to perform and hopefully these hick-ups as we might call them, will be well taken of.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The 2.0L Romeo is a true luxury sport sedanbeauty which makes for a fun drive with its corners and steering resembling that of a sports car. However, users have reported some annoyances with its engine, unintuitive interior controls, short cushions and a limited range of adjustments, distracting convoluted infotainment system and with a cabin that dims in comparison with its peers. So even if it looks good, it doesn’t feel that great once you’re inside trying to figure everything out.


According to what car, this year was the first time they were able to collect enough data to rate Tesla as a brand and results placed it as one the least reliable cars. The new models did poorly ad the older models didn’t perform enough to raise the score by much landing an overall 50.9% out of 100%.

The electric powered Model X received complaints of lacking practicality for the ordinary consumer. It has doors that open up and out way too slowly, overextended windshield going over the two front seats making look like something you would find in video games, second row seats that won’t fold compromising utility and a complicated way of getting into the third row. For this model of the Tesla, it went too overboard with the concept that it failed to meet human comfort.

Model 3 on the other hand received complaints with the door handles, paint and glass defects such as cracks on the window and a loose interior trim and molding. Tesla did tell Consumer Reports that they took in customer feedback seriously and are always making improvements to the issues raised in the shortest amount possible.

Kia Cadenza

This beautiful large sedan is the American dream offering comfort and still manages to fly under the radar. It is a roomy and quiet car with controls that won’t have you scratching your head due to the user ease. Power hasn’t been sacrificed as well giving you a 260hp and running on a 3.3 liter V6 engine. The Cadenza owners have reported several issues with their cars such as the climate system, emissions/fuel system and the engine cooling.


According to What Car, the only car they were able to get a large sample size on was the Renegade which performed poorly coming in at second last in the small SUV category. Now, if you weren’t an owner of any jeep you would think that the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee would somewhat raise the score but no, they brought down the score a notch. Shocking.

But users reported that the integrated electronics were problematic with the Grand Cherokee being used as a specific example with its high amount of these integrated electronics added to the driver-reported issues with the devices was quite high as well. Hopefully these are issues that will be fixed soon because Jeep is a brand name that’s been in existence for quite some time now; it is a household name.

Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300

These two models are actually sibling vehicles built by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), so we wouldn’t be shocked to find them both having similar problems. The reason why they found themselves in this list is due to problems such as in-car electronics which includes freezing/going blank of the display screen, radio as well navigation system which were found in both cars.

Other problems found in the Chrysler were climate-control system in particular the compressor as well as the evaporator. These problems were however not found in the Dodge Charger. Users of the Charger reported having issues with the interior and exterior trim and molding pieces.

And because class never compromises on anything, the FCA US Team has been quick to resolve some of the issues as changing the materials used in the interior door trim and owners can still get this change made at no cost provided it’s under the normal warranty coverage. This information was communicated to Consumer Reports by a FCA Spokesman.

In addition to changing the interior trim, the spokesman further stated that for the infotainment issues, cars from the model year 2018 and newer are already receiving over the air firmware updates. Cars before 2018 have a service bulleting that’s been released by FCA where owners should take their cars concerning the radio issues and the software will be updated at no cost whatsoever.

This is how you maintain your customers people; by fixing their problems. So if you have any of the mentioned problems don’t be shy to contact your manufacturer; they got you.

Jaguar F-Pace

The3.0L V6 F-Pace ranked as the least reliable car from Consumer Reports, ’10 Least Reliable Cars’. Even if the F-Pace is one of the best handling SUVs, it come with load full of problems. From the in-car electronics to noises and leaks, it’s no surprise that it has found itself ranked as the worst reliable.

Other problems that have marred the face of the F-Pace are a stiff and choppy ride, aged infotainment system with a slow and fussy touchscreen, drive system and power equipment. We can only hope that they get to fixing these major issues to save Jaguar’s brand.

We are shocked to see some cars that have made it to various reliability polls conducted by various parties and as such we want to remind you that this is a reliability test. So, where some cars may fail in terms of say, the materials used to make interior trims, it’s not to say that the car is not performer.

This test basically shows the strength and weaknesses that different cars have. These weaknesses can end up inconveniencing the user with unnecessary repairs and problems that eventually affect the general satisfaction you’ll have with car for the next 10/20 years.

For information on what Consumer Reports bases their survey on, you can have a look at the FAQs section.

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