Manual vs. automatic price difference

Before choosing your next vehicle, your budget is one of the most vital factors to consider. Whether you buy it via a car broker or by directly walking into a car dealership, you need to consider the price difference of manual vs. automatic vehicles beforehand. Nowadays, automated vehicles have taken over the automobile industry due to their ease of driving and controllability. However, there are some countries, like the U.K., that have a majority of manual vehicles on their roads.

Manual transmission vs. automatic transmission

Automatic vehicles are a more popular option than manual cars, especially for novice drivers and first-time car buyers. Automatic cars have several benefits compared to manual vehicles. However, for those who have driven manual vehicles, they clearly understand how fun they are to drive as they are more interactive than automatic transmissions.

Manual transmission gear

Motorists who enjoy the feeling of control often opt for manual transmission. By using the clutch pedal and stick shift, the engine transmits power to the wheels of the cars, which translates to power and torque (rotational force). Drivers of manual vehicles shift their gears manually by monitoring the engine’s RPM; hence, preventing premature shifting and improper fuel burn.

Based on the speeds, automatic vehicles shift their gears automatically by the use of computers and processors. Some may have the option to change to manual mode, commonly known as automated manual; however, the experience is not similar to an actual manual vehicle. Automatic vehicles do not have a clutch pedal or a stick shift to shift the gears.

Are automatic cars more expensive?

Generally, automatic cars are more expensive to buy than their manual counterparts. Whether you opt to buy a new or second-hand model, automatic vehicles come with automated accessories, such as power windows and air conditioning that make them more costly than manual vehicles.

Therefore, if you prefer automatic vehicles, it is best to prepare your budget appropriately. On average, a manual vehicle costs about one thousand dollars less than their automated equivalents.

automatic vs manual price

Which has better fuel economy between manual and auto transmission?

Decades ago, manual vehicles had better fuel economy than their automatic equivalents. As such, there is a widespread belief that automatic vehicles guzzle more fuel than manual cars.

Actually, this was true because initially automatic vehicles had a slow three-speed transmission and its numerous automated accessories contributed to its high fuel consumption.Recent technological advancements in the automobile industry, modern automatic vehicles save more fuel than their manual equivalents at high speeds.

Automated transmissions have several gears, meaning their engines can transfer the same power to the wheels at  lower engine speed. As a result, there will be fewer engine revolutions; thus, less fuel burning in the internal combustion chamber in the engine.

which produces more fuel

A new type of transmission, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), has better fuel economy than both manual and automatic transmission. This type of transmission operates similar to an auto transmission and has some vehicle functions that mimic manual transmissions. This particular transmission operates in various gear ratios, enabling the engine to send power to the vehicle’s wheels with lower engine revolutions.


Automatic vehicles have more complicated features compared to manual cars. As such, they require more maintenance because of their complex engineering and parts. Buying spare parts and repairing costs are generally more when compared to manual vehicle repair and maintenance costs.

Manual vehicles do not have the ‘fancy’ accessories that make automatic vehicles expensive. Their general maintenance and repair costs are far less costly than those for auto transmission cars.


A manual transmission does not guarantee better fuel economy. Automakers have implemented advanced technology that helps automatic vehicles run more efficiently without using a lot of fuel.

Furthermore, in the United States, there are government-mandated standards for fuel economy that car manufacturers have to abide by the law. Therefore, when considering manual vs. automatic price difference, also factor in your budget, driving conditions as well as your prowess in driving.


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